Start dates:  

Daytime Class October 4, 2017!


OCTOBER 4, 2017; DECEMBER 5, 2017; JANUARY 22, 2018                

Nighttime Class AUGUST 21, 2017!

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TUITION:  $9,525


TDLR FEE:  $25

Become a licensed Esthetician! Licensed Estheticians can perform facial and body treatments, waxing, eyelash extensions, and more. This 750 hour course meets all the requirements of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. After completion, students are eligible to take the state written and practical exams to receive an Esthetician license.  

At AWSI, you will find one of the most unique teaching environments--where students receive real-life spa experience and learn skills that will help them get ahead in the industry. It's 9,000 square feet of lecture classrooms, student treatment rooms, relaxing waiting rooms to consult with clients, and a whole lotta love!  Not only will you learn the state's standard course material, but you will leave knowing exactly what it takes to be successful in this industry. 

Our students do it all here. They greet and consult clients, run the student clinic, they make products that are used in their treatment rooms and we all work together to keep our school running smoothly.  As a senior student you are required to teach and mentor new students.  We believe that you will learn more if you teach what you've learned to someone else.  

You are taken through an interview process to make sure that you are a good candidate for this alternative teaching experience.  Please book your tour today by filling out this APPLICATION to begin your interview process. 

Our incredible staff is knowledgeable, qualified and caring.  This course is uniquely set up to allow you to move from one instructor to another after 28 days of instructing.  We believe that hearing different opinions and seeing different techniques is one of the best values we offer.  You are not just another student here.  Our teachers and administrative team truly care about you and make it a point to help you reach your goals. Read more about our admin and instructor staff HERE.

We have a very strict "No Rudeness Policy" that Ann not only enforces with students, but with all employees and guests who enter our door.  No one will be treated poorly or disrespected. Repeat offenders are dropped from the program without re enrollment privileges.  This policy makes for a very nice learning AND teaching environment! 

Ann Webb, Joanna Marceaux and Callie Seymour, the original AW Sisters, make sure all of your concerns are addressed. Our very successful medical spa, the Ann Webb Skin Clinic is one step away from the classrooms- located in the very same building! The medi spa employs top therapists that stop by the institute to share their stories and knowledge of the industry. This practice is pretty unheard of.  Ann once approached several Cosmetology schools and offered to come in free of charge to lecture on treating severe forms of acne.  She was never allowed in once! This always deeply troubled her! You will find the complete opposite here.

 Above, our instructor is teaching a small pod lecture on diffuse redness. 

We will train you on Ann Webb's famous customized facial treatments! You will be working on fellow students in the second teaching block of this course  After 6-7 months you will have performed over a hundred treatments of various descriptions!

This course includes eyelash extensions training. Our graduates are fully licensed to perform eyelash extensions.

We are one of 3 schools in Texas that can actually license you as an "Eyelash Extension Specialist."

After you graduate, you will have the opportunity to apply for an extended internship at the Ann Webb Skin Clinic. Ann will personally teach you to become a valued assistant to medical professionals, allowing you to work for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medi-spas.

Chamagne is featured in the photo above. She left the corporate world to become an Esthetician.  She graduated from AWSI and started working at our medi spa as an esthetician, laser and lash tech, cosmetic injectionist.  She currently attends RN school as a bonus and is a model in the fashion industry! We are so lucky to have Chamagane as our Lead Supervising Instructor at the school! Who wouldn't want to learn from someone so talented? 


The course is broken into 4 Blocks of Instruction:
Block 1- Didactic and demos
Photo Gallery: 
Block 2- Hands- On Introductions
Photo Gallery: 
Block 3- Advanced Treatments and Machines
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Block 4- Student Clinic
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We take our students on field trips though out the program, but we always save the best for last! An intuitive and thorough tour of our product lab in the Dallas area is the highlight of the course! Before entering Block 4 we throw the students a "Block Party" with awards and lots of food.  Then, they pack up and head to Dallas for a team building experience that has been a favorite among the AW sisters. While in Dallas, they also visit the King Spa Sauna .  Their korean body scrub is hard to beat!


    Anatomy, Physiology, & Chemistry
    • bacteriology
    • safety and sanitation procedures
    • ingredients analysis
    • skin disorders
    • autoimmune disorders
    • nutrition for the skin

    • AW Clinicals product systems
    • facial treatments
    • brow and lash tinting
    • lash tabbing and perming
    • lash extensions
    • full body waxing
    Facial Massage
    • relaxation through massage
    • detoxification massage for lymphatic drainage
    • basic touch
    • facial massage     

    Eyelash Extensions
    • sanitation/disinfection
    • pathogens
    • client consultation
    • eyelash evaluation
    • skin analysis
    • eye shapes
    • face and eye disorders
    • eyelash growth cycle
    • equipment
    • application
    • isolation and separation
    • removal    
    • color theory
    • contoured and natural makeup application
    • dramatic and subtle look

    Body Treatments
    • mud wrap   

    Advanced Technology
    • Candela GentleLase
    • Candela GentleYAG
    • Lumenis IPL
    • radiofrequency
    • infrared

    Personal Career Development
    • resume writing
    • interview process
    • client retention
    • retail strategies
    • salon ownership/management responsibilities